Tiverton Repair Café

Repair cafés try to fix broken household items that people bring in, so they don’t have to buy replacements. This saves people money and can give a new lease of life to something that has sentimental value or is better quality than a new replacement would be. Free help and advice are given for repairing anything from a broken toaster to faulty brakes on a bicycle.

Instead of chucking products in the bin, mending saves valuable resources and reduces pollution. For every repair, an average of 24 kg of CO2 emissions are saved, helping to limit climate change. In one year Tiverton Repair Cafe have successfully saved nearly 100 items, reducing CO2 by over two tonnes!

The first repair café was in the Netherlands 10 years ago and the initiative has spread all over the world, the first one in Tiverton was five years ago. When possible, we plan to continue to hold repair events in different places including the surrounding villages. They are fun sociable events where we share skills, pass on advice, drink tea and eat cake!


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Tiverton Repair Café is part of Sustainable Tiverton