Storytelling Project

This pilot project was a collaboration between Devon County Council, University of Exeter and CAG Devon.  It involved the collection of stories from seven CAG Devon volunteers, who gave their time for a one-to-one, semi-structured interview meeting, drawing on their reflections of volunteering in CAG Devon and other groups. The meetings, in the summer of 2022, aimed to “discern their experiences and the significant changes which have occurred since their involvement in their groups”.

Overall, this project has enabled a valuable and holistic evaluation of the CAG Devon project by capturing the most significant changes in the stories collected and exploring the complex nature of community volunteering. It has also highlighted the multifaceted nature of addressing issues surrounding waste and the wider environmental and social issues. CAG Devon will be reflecting on these findings, looking for ways to improve the project, in order to maximise the impact of its activities.

The seven stories can be read below.  You can read the summary report here, including the methodology and overall conclusions about the value of CAG Devon support.

The Storytellers

From a general invitation to our groups, seven volunteers came forward from groups which demonstrate the breadth of what CAG Devon groups do.  You can read their stories by clicking on the link below.  There are truly some golden nuggets in these stories which beautifully illustrate the priceless value of volunteering together.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

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