Ermington Environmental

Ermington Environmental group was founded in 2022 by a number of residents who were keen to attempt to make Ermington village as sustainable as possible and to respond to the detrimental effects of Climate change.

From starting out with quite a wide interest, we are now focussing our effort into Nature and Energy projects, such as exploring the possibilities of Renewable energy; improving the health of the River Erme; increasing biodiversity; developing a Nature Trail and Communal garden as well as improving links with the local pre-school and Primary school. The pupils were asked to design our logo and EE purchased some scientific equipment for use in the classroom so that the pupils could explore different forms of renewable energy.

The involvement of the schools is based on our awareness that all our futures are dependent on the involvement of young people.

We are a member of Sustainable South Hams and individuals have attended a range of organised events, meetings and courses. We are very aware of the benefits of working alongside and sharing expertise with other similar local groups.
Ermington Environmental have organised a number of talks and presentations that have been well attended by members of the local community.


  • Biodiversity

  • Awareness Raising

  • Community garden

  • Energy

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