Silverton Community Larder

The Silverton Community Larder was started initially by some very dedicated individuals to support a real crisis in Silverton village during the COVID-19 pandemic. They literally provided food from their own pocket and put it outside their home. Word got out and more villagers donated items, delivered food parcels to people that couldn’t get out and made soup for carers and the elderly.

As other community-minded people became involved a committee was established and the decision was made to focus on food waste as this would naturally open the larder to everyone and de-stigmatise a very real situation – while at the same time tackling horrendous food waste.

Silverton Community Larder officially opened its (shed) doors in May 2021 and is open 24/7.

It’s a community resource aimed at providing access to surplus food, reducing food waste from landfill, reducing food insecurity and improving the wellbeing of residents in the local community.

The food is donated by a growing number of supermarkets as well as the community – including excess produce from fruit trees and over-flowing veg patches.

Volunteers help with daily food / fridge checks and cleaning as well as food collecting and marketing and data collection. In May and June alone, over 1400 items were logged as left in the shed and in a short space of time it has become a much loved and appreciated community space.

The Larder is open to all.  Volunteers to help run the fridge are also very welcome!  Contact us via our Facebook page.


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