You are invited to take part in a great, free initiative for Tiverton Schools

We would like to invite you to take part in an exciting, FREE initiative to reduce waste in schools and engage with your local parent community.

What do we offer?

Our support begins with a visit from our project officer to plan a programme which meets the needs of your school.

Your school’s engagement with the project is unique and plans will be put in place which support your interests and strengthen links to the local community.

To register your interest or find out more please contact Sally Jackson 07903 037462



Typical activities may include:

  • Interactive workshops e.g. the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and the food cycle (growing, cooking, eating and composting)

  • Assemblies in school for pupils and parents

  • After-school events for children and parents to share and celebrate learning

  • Supporting your PTA with fundraising events such as clothes swaps or reuse/repair cafes

  • Training for school staff, volunteers, parents and carers e.g. cooking skills, how to reduce food waste, home composting

  • Engaging after school clubs and activities

  • Supporting any existing sustainable initiatives or  teaching themes

What are the benefits to your school?

  • A chance to empower young people to take action to reduce waste and protect the environment

  • FREE access to the waste education programme for Tiverton schools (usually charged at £65 per day). Workshops, audits and other activities strongly linked to the curriculum and topic work, see here for more information.

  • An opportunity to take part in hands-on practical projects, and for pupils to instigate their own

  • Events and activities to engage with your parent community; to forge links with those hard to reach and to strengthen relations with the PTA

  • Potential to raise funds

  • FREE skill shares and training aimed at parents and the wider school community

  • Publicity and profile raising for the school as a hub of community action and engagement

  • Access to monitoring tools to measure the impact so you can show how the school is helping people and the environment