Compost Doctor

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Love your garden? Want to volunteer in your community? Why not become a Soil and Compost Doctor?

Alongside the Celebration of Soil Group, CAG Devon are running a Soil  and Compost Doctor training day. As a Compost Doctor you might help someone who wants to compost for the first time, or perhaps support someone who has lapsed and needs advice or encouragement. The soil element of the training day means that you’ll be able to help people really understand their garden. You could do any of the following:
  • Attend local community events
  • Give practical demonstrations or set up a demonstration site
  • Write articles for local newsletters, newspapers, magazines, web or social media
  • Give talks to local groups
On Saturday November 25th 2017 we’ll be holding an interactive, hands-on Soil and Compost Doctor Training event at Knightshayes Garden, TIverton.

You can book a place through Eventbrite here, and for more information contact Mel at or phone 07725760081.

Find out more by downloading our Compost Doctor Info Sheet or Contact Us for a chat.